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MJ Signature

Being a Shadowfax original, the MJ Signature is my own unique design. It was created with the small body in mind. However, I’m not very fond of the look of many small body guitars. The MJ’s size can be deceiving as it is only 14.5” in width. Don’t be fooled by the size. It was designed to be a small guitar with a big sound. The body is smaller not only in width but in length, what this does is move the bridge further down to the center of the lower bout, the “sweet spot”. This means that even with shorter scales the bridge is in the optimal position.

Another feature is the sloped cutaway. This cutaway offers streamlined access to the upper register of the fretboard, but with a much shallower cutaway than most guitars. The advantage of this is maintaining the volume of the sound box, where most cutaway designs remove a significant portion of the volume and with it a significant portion of the sound.