Basic setup- Includes truss rod adjust, action adjustment at nut and saddle, clean and oil fretboard, tighten tuner screws and nuts, lubricate tuning machines, general clean up, restring $50+ strings
 Deluxe setup- Basic setup plus, polish frets, remove burrs form fret ends, smooth string slots in nut, and check intonation  $65+ strings
 12 string  Add $15


Structural and finish

Neck Reset $300
Replace tuners(drop in) $30 + price of tuners
Replace tuners(redrill and fill) $75 + price of tuners
Replace Bridge

Make new bridge



Cracks Inquire
Loose braces Inquire
Refinish  $ 350 (Lacquer)

$ 450 (French Polish)

Synthetic finish- Inquire


Touch-up Inquire



Fret Leveling- Includes recrown and polish $70
Partial Refret ( up to 5 frets) $15 per fret
Complete Refret $215/$250(Bound Fretboard)
Fret polishing $30


Nuts and saddle

New Nut $50
New acoustic saddle $40
Intonate Acoustic $25 and up- may require a setup and/or new saddle
Intonate Electric  $15

Free with deluxe setup


For electronics Inquire

For additional services Inquire